Black lipstick... much like our political landscape it can be quite divisive.  Most of us are like... no I'm not goth, can't do it but I am here to tell you there is a time and a place for us all to wear black lipstick!  It's actually far more flattering than you would think!  Channel your inner badass and give it a try.


1.  Mourning the loss of your favorite democratic primary candidate?  Show off your depression in black!  What better way to say fuck it all!

2.  It can really help you get your point across.Especially if your point is, "I will drop a house on you bitch."

3. Black lipstick is unapologetic, just like how we all should be.

4.Maybe you want to say, "LOOK AT ME."

5 Or maybe it is more "DO NOT BOTHER ME."

6. Maybe your soul glitters with a dark mystical flame.

7. It can really take a dramatic look to the next level.

8. It looks great in all black!  And doesn't black go with everything?


But in the end no reason is necessary. 


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