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On August 26th, in states all across the country, the People's Defense coalition, NARAL Pro-Choice America, MoveOn and more than 30 other organizations (and counting) are building a National Day of Action, “Unite for Justice,” to stop Brett Kavanaugh's supreme court nomination from going through.  Why?  He will most likely be the deciding vote that overturns Roe v. Wade.  His track record says it all.

Last year a 17 year old women came to America undocumented fleeing her abusive parents. She was detained and put in a center for children.  It was there that she learned she was pregnant.  As a minor she had to see a judge before getting granted abortion care.  It was granted, but that is when the Trump administration stepped in. They forced her to see other doctors who were made to convince her to become a parent. People she didn't know were telling her how to handle her body and forcing her to make a decision that would effect the rest of her life.  She was made to visit an anti Choice crisis pregnancy center.  A month passed.  It was then that Brett Kavanaugh, Trumps Supreme Court nominee heard her case while serving on the circuit court in Washington D.C.  He tried to block her access to abortion.  He stated she didn't even qualify as a "person" under due process because she was here illegally.  Ultimately she was allowed to have the abortion because Kavanaugh was in the minority on this case.  If he is nominated to the supreme court he will not be the minority.  He will be the one who tips the scales and rolls back all the hard work women have done to fight for the rights to govern their own bodies.

Kavanaugh is not an ally to women.  He has praised Justice Rehnquist's dissent of Roe v. Wade and stands with employers who do not want to offer birth control on health insurance plans. He has spent decades trying to stop a women's right to choose and we must spend our time to ensure that he is not confirmed.  The  trump administration did not even consider a judge that was not pro choice. 

The stats are simple.  1 in 4 women in the US will have an abortion by the age of 45. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, states will ultimately be allowed to criminalize abortion.  Look around.  1 in 4 of us would be in jail.

Take action now! We are not up for grabs and our rights shouldn't be either. This Sunday participate in our Day of Action. Unite for Justice! Find an event near you!

Check out this video from Chelsea Handler.  She lays out how close we are to losing Roe v. Wade.


States that are risk of abortion becoming criminalized immediately.


*All the information from the article was provided by NARAL Pro-Choice America.


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