Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

It's that time of year again where we seek out our favorite women owned small businesses and try to show them some love.  What makes my gift guide different from all the others?  Each business below is very small, all the items crafted/produced are made by women and each business gives back. You can make a purchase and make a difference!

This year we have something for everyone in all price ranges.  We have art and apparel, books and booze, you'll be sure to find something for that special person on your list. Click on the pics for links to their sites and enjoy special discount codes just for our fellow Nasty Womxn.



This company supports one of my favorite causes, they donate to She Should Run, a non profit that supports and encourages women to run for office on all levels of government!! All hand made in Spain, these shoes and sneakers are the perfect addition to any reSister's closet. I got the loafers but they come in many styles, from slides to sneakers with a few fun sayings to choose from.  Check them out, and use code Nasty10 for 10% off your purchase.  




Another small women owned brand, they give back to organizations that support social justice, like the Trevor Project for LGBTQ+ rights and the ACLU.  Their tees and hoodies are soft and their voices are loud!  These are ethically made, in small batches by hand.  Check out their Etsy shop, they have a sale going on!




My friend Crystal hand makes everything in her shop one bead and stone at a time. She sells an array of one of a kind bracelets and necklaces and combines her knowledge of healing stones with her love of creating.  Each piece is carefully crafted to a specific need and look.  She will even do custom designs! I tasked Crystal with a job to make me a custom design for my shop that would include a quartz crystal and I am so proud of what she created! Shop her Etsy store and use code NASTY for 15% off. 




I absolutely love her lip art and now she has transferred her top looks into 8X8 prints and she can even put them on denim jackets!  The bonus, they are all one of a kind original works and she can make a custom look upon request too! I'm sure you can see why I love her so much, a few of my favorites are below.



Fiona McEntee is an award winning nationally recognized Immigration Attorney who has her own firm in Chicago.  A naturalized citizen herself (originally from Ireland), she has dedicated her time to advancing immigrant rights. Her team fights the Trump administration's unethical travel ban as well as advocating for others trying gain citizenship.  She takes on many pro bono cases.  As an immigrant mom of two she penned this wonderful children's book to show children stories of immigration from countries all over the world. A portion of the proceeds go to the American Immigration Council.



Unapologetically feminist wines....  I love these fine spirits for so many reasons.  They give back 20% of net profits to help get more women to the table as leaders and taste makers, plus they make one amazing bottle of Pinot. They have reds, whites and bubbles and they are all made in small batches with very reasonable prices.  These bottles are the perfect addition to any Nasty Woman's holiday table.



This is a monthly subscription box so you can get a little surprise each month!  They even have a podcast to accompany each box.  I love this sub box because we aren't only supporting feminist literature we are also supporting several small woman owned and queer owned businesses at once.  They've even created a scholarship to help bring Feminist Book Club to everyone.



Can I take a moment to toot my own horn?  If you're reading my blog you know what I'm all about. So many people ask me why I combined lipstick and politics.  Why would I want to alienate half of the population?  It's simple, I like to let people know where I stand. I also like to shop my values and I figured others would too. Thanks so much for the continued support!  Peps like you keep this little indie brand going and we certainly wouldn't be here without you.  Much love to you all!  XOXO           Use code Blog10 for an extra 10% off the current holiday sale!


  • Zoey: December 14, 2019

    I’m ordering from a few of these. Thanks for making the list! I’m a last minute shopper and this will save me from box stores!

  • Haneen: December 14, 2019

    love this, will definitely check these out!

  • Crystal: December 14, 2019


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