Feminine Energy and Healing stones

Feminine Energy and Healing stones


I am a feminist.  There I said it, I am an equal pay believing, pro-choice advocating, female business owned supporting feminist.  I don’t hate men, I love a good nude lip (helloooo Notoriously Nude!), and I don’t care in the slightest whether you shave your legs or not...even though I love smooth hairless skin on myself.  I also believe wholeheartedly in the power of the divine feminine energy, which is why I turned to meditation, self introspection, and the amazing abilities of healing stones! There are two stones in particular that I want to talk about, two gorgeous stones that are all about the female vibrations:  Moonstone, and Garnet.

Moonstone is one of my favorites because of its strong connection to the moon and it’s cycles, which we as females are very much in tune with anyway due to obvious reasons.  Moonstone is so helpful with healing reproductive organs, releasing water retention, and eliminating toxins. It is also an excellent helper stone for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.  But not every woman has reproductive organs anymore (hi, me), and it’s certainly not every woman’s desire to have children, and that’s ok because Moonstone is about so much more than just the physical side of being a woman.

Moonstone is a stone of intuition, of calming emotions, gaining empathy, and is known for encouraging lucid dreaming.  Traditionally it was worn as a way to enhance and develop clairvoyance/psychic abilities, which let’s face it, we women already have in abundance but have been taught to not admit, especially in mixed company lest we get labeled a witch, a kookie chick, or some other term meant to slap us down.

Most people think of Rainbow Moonstone immediately with it’s beautiful white luster and shimmery subtle colors, but there is also Peach, and Gray varieties that are just fabulous as well.  Usually Moonstone is worn in a ring, but it is just as effective worn as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets...and it can also be used in meditation...placed on the forehead Chakra for spiritual healing and experiences, or put it on your solar plexus Chakra/heart Chakra for more emotion based healing.

In this climate of political discord I know that personally I struggle to stay positive and raised up in my femininity, Moonstone can help by improving your self image, lifting your vibrations, it can remind you of your own worth/value, and open up the feminine energy within yourself!  It also soothes worry, anxiety, and helps to see the positive in every situation...which is more important now than ever.

Ok so I could go on forever about Moonstone, because, well it’s truly not only beautiful, but powerful...instead we will move on to the next wonderful gemstone on our list...Garnet.

Garnets are said to be conductors of past life memories, as well as promoting compassion for not only ourselves, but the world around us, and if there’s anything the world needs right now besides fiery passion, it is fiery compassion.  Being a feminist is a wonderful feeling, when we are allowing other women to express their own brand of feminism and I believe that wearing Garnet is a good way to relax into the compassion that encourages us to step back, judge less, and support more.

Garnet is also an energizing and regenerating stone that cleanses and reenergizes the Chakras, as well as inspiring love and devotion.  

So, who here besides me has had a life of crisis and trauma?  Most women right? I can’t even begin to tell you the sad tales I have been told by everyone from my grandmother to my daughter, from my friends to strangers on the internet.  Well the good thing about Garnet is that it is a crisis crystal, by which I mean that it is helpful in situations that seem helpless, fragmented, or it feels that there’s no way out.  It activates and strengthens the survival instinct (root Chakra), brings us courage to continue, and turns what seems insurmountable into a challenge not a defeat.

Garnets can also sharpen your perception of yourself and others, again very helpful for lifting up and supporting other women, inclusion is where it is at!  It also can get rid of ingrained behaviour patterns that no longer serve you in a positive manner, and most exciting of all it can break down self sabotage and resistance to letting go of useless ideals.  Emotionally Garnet can remove inhibitions, open up your heart, and busts up taboos.

Garnet is best worn on a gold necklace, but also is healing worn as earrings, or a bracelet, whatever you like best.  If you have a Garnet touchstone, be sure to take it out and rub it often throughout the day.

Like all filters, your stones will need cleaned, cleared of the old issues and negative emotions/energy they have absorbed...there are a few really simple ways to do this.


Put your stones in the sun for a few hours.

Soak your gems in a bowl of water and sea salt...best only for touchstones since the metal on jewelry will tarnish.

Smudge them, holding them in the smoke for 30 seconds.

Put them in the new moonlight.


Thank them after every cleaning, they are alive and want to serve you.

Now that you know a couple of beautiful and fun gems to add to your collection, go out there, be fearless, and be the best woman you can be...the world is counting on us sisters!


About the Author:


Crystal Hamlin created her shop in 2011.  Named after her two daughters, she started out just playing around with beads to distract herself during surgery recovery. All of her jewelry is made by hand at her home in Montana.



You can shop for Crystal's one of a kind hand made pieces using the links below.





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