Humble Brag, A review from a new friend.

Humble Brag, A review from a new friend.

So I don't normally posts reviews or write about them in my blog, in fact I never have, but when writer Rory Schwartz reached out to me with a review she had written I was truly flattered and felt the need to do a little humble bragging.

What is a humble brag?  It's a modest statement whose actual purpose is to draw attention to something which one is proud of.  So while I state that I have never talked about getting great reviews, which I have 😉 (brag brag), I am publishing one that means a lot to me.  It's actually more than a review, it's a message about inclusion and solidarity among all who call themselves feminists regardless of how they identify their gender.  

Rory is a blogger and writer for Gaye Magazine and a member of the non binary community who follows my instagram page. She is also a customer turned friend.  We started corresponding over DMs and learned we share a lot of the same views and values. Below is her review. 


What I Love About Nasty Woman Cosmetics

By: Rory Schwartz

  1. The product I ordered. Pink isn’t my typical go-to color. I’m a masculine leaning nonbinary person, and I tend to stick to neutrals and black with clothing, and dark purple and brown with makeup. So, it was just as much of a surprise to people who know me as it was to myself that I ordered Nasty Woman’s ‘Agenda’ shade. It simply called to me! And I’m not at all disappointed! It is a very bold pink on its own. But, it can be toned down to a nice rosy shade using lip gloss or lip balm.

The finished look! This lipstick works phenomenally with my favorite lip balm, and it compliments my favorite hat! What’s not to love?!

  1. The ordering process. This is a big deal for me, especially if it’s my first time ordering a product from someplace. If it’s difficult, annoying, or there’s repeated issues with my order, I won’t reorder. I didn’t deal with anything like that when ordering this lipstick. It was easy, quick, and I got my order a few days before I was expecting it to arrive!
  2. Clean Beauty. What I mean by clean is vegan and cruelty free. My goal for 2020 is to switch out as many of my current beauty products for clean alternatives as I can. Climate change is real, it’s serious, and in the case of Australia, it’s become dangerous and devastating. I want to help in any way I can. Every little bit goes a long way. And Nasty Woman definitely helps me with that goal.
  3. This is, of course, what led me to make that first purchase. I’m always keeping my eye out for women owned brands and organizations that fight just as hard for trans rights as they do cis women’s rights. I can honestly say without a doubt I found that in Nasty Woman Cosmetics! When I posted a picture showing off my first purchase, I was pleasantly surprised that Nasty Woman liked it!

Likes and comments led to DMs, and a wonderful friendship began. I’ve received so much love and support for my writing, my activism, my politics, and my fundamental belief in the equality of all genders. That solidarity is what feminism is all about. Women sacrifice nothing sharing their spaces with trans people. Nasty Woman Cosmetics has shown me that I don’t have to constantly worry that every cis woman group, brand, or organization will prioritize cis women over trans people. There are women out there who care, and who can and will help. I’m grateful, and I intend to give as much as I get. We’re in this together!

  1. What also brought us together as friends is our support of the same political activism groups such as: Emily’s List, an organization that helps women get elected, Period Movement, the activist group aiding in the fight against the Pink Tax, the ACLU, a nonprofit organization that fights for civil liberties, and Planned Parenthood, one of the largest voices espousing reproductive justice for all genders. Nasty Woman Cosmetics donates a portion of proceeds to all of these organizations. You’re not just buying a great product. You’re giving to important causes.

Trans folks of the world, if you’re looking for an inclusive company to buy products from, look no further! This is where it’s at! I’m proud to support this company, and I look forward to many lovely years of solidarity, activism, and quality products!


Mx. Rory Autumn Schwartz is the author of The Legacy Commencement and writer for Gaye Magazine pictured above wearing Nasty Woman's matte solid lipstick in Agenda.


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