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Is It All About Beauty? The Other Side of Beauty Product Advertisements.

While we all love a good ad that empowers us as women, there is so much that goes unnoticed underneath it all. You may not realize this, but very subtly, there are ads that undo their ‘empowerment’ efforts by using women’s insecurities as a weapon. For most, they look at the bigger picture, they are trying to sell beauty products, but what about how you feel after seeing the ad? Do you think you are beautiful or do you feel the need to have the product to be beautiful?  Sadly, this is how companies associated with beauty products use feminism to sell, all in the name of supporting it.

First of all, they push through double standard undermining our efforts for equality. For men’s beauty products, they have words that just put a stamp to their nature. In these ads, they use words like ‘Masculine’, ‘destroy’ and so on which make men seem to have the upper hand in every sense. Contrary, beauty products for women come with labels like ‘soft’ and ‘seductive’. This all comes down to the looks and the conclusion that in order to achieve greatness, women need these products. Such inequality contributes to the plight of women being ignored once in a while.

Secondly, companies have found ways to use our nature against ourselves. It sort of seems like self-destruction but in real sense, it is them exploiting us. For many body lotions, shampoo and soap ads, there is always an insinuation that after using the products, women become better-looking than before. Already by doing this, they injure our self-esteem through creating a notion that the after effects are what we need.

As if that is not enough, brands continue the streak by turning great adverts that are totally innocent into ridiculously insulting ads. Haven’t you seen an ad about beauty being interlinked with how it makes one do their job better? How does beauty factor in an office job? Aren’t you there for your capabilities? They make us feel as though we can not feel confident unless we are wearing their product. This is how far the beauty ads lower our standards as women and as such no one seems to take us serious.

Below are some real examples..


Because exercise, men and travel are the only important topics for us to think about?


NO NO NO!!  Always ask first.  Consent is kind of a big deal to us.




Are we promoting violence against women?


 Objectification anyone?

Industries like fashion and beauty have made strides in recent years. Advertising campaigns have become more inclusive.  Finally the only images used are no longer showcasing skinny white women and misogyny, however we have a long way to go. Advertisers need to understand that a women's only life goal is not to look appealing men.  We like to express ourselves with our clothing and makeup to make ourselves feel good, not for others.  We come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  We buy when we see a brand reflecting our values. With the holiday season upon us and the advertisers ready to bombard, we hope we see images that are in line with the times and in line with our values.



Nasty Woman Cosmetics is a feminist beauty brand certified cruelty free and vegan. We are dedicated to fighting for women's rights and we donate a portion of each sale to organizations like Emily's List to help progressive women get elected. It's time to see our values represented by those in government.

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