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The term "intersectional feminism" was brought into the mainstream during the women's marches that occurred after Donald Trump took office. The concept has been around for decades, first being used by law professor Kimberle Crenshaw in the 1980's.  Her idea is based on the thought that different intersections of oppression such as race, class, gender, sexuality etc, all affect a starting point for how gender oppression hurts women who come from different backgrounds.
While being an intersectional feminist is seen as the most inclusive framework there are many other movements and issues we can support that are also apart of this interlocking system of power that impacts the most marginalized groups in society.


NON CIS Genders (Cisgender meaning those who identify as the gender they were born with)

This past week the Trump administration went after this group in an attempt to erase them by defining a persons gender by simplifying it to what genitalia you were born with.  Government wide protections and recognition made under the Obama administration would be rolled back and transgender people would loose protections under federal civil rights laws. Our intersectionality should include nonbinary or genderqueer people in discussions of misogyny and feminism, because many people affected by misogyny do not identify as women or were not assigned this gender at birth. This is a group with very high rates of violence against them as well as suicide and helping to destigmatize and fight for their rights is the least we can do.



Intersectional feminist should support the Black Lives Matter movement.  Fighting against police brutality may seem indeed feminist as many black women have been killed or have their children killed at the hands of over zealous police at overwhelmingly high rates.This is a no brainer for people truly looking to make the world a more equal place. There's a number of ways to support BLM, you can attend meetings or a march and just show up and voice your support.



Native women endure the highest rates of assault and rape in North America. There are many missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada and the US and the multi-pronged oppressions of racism, classism, and misogyny unduly affect these women who are too often ignored by mainstream feminism.



Not all people who do sex work are women, but women disproportionately suffer the stigma, discrimination, and violence against sex workers. Sex work is not the same as sex trafficking, and the laws and campaigns against it mostly serve to make it harder for (usually) marginalized women to get jobs, benefits, and safety. Instead of attacking sex workers out of some misguided desire to “save” them, feminists would better help and support the people who need it by listening to the needs outlined by actual sex workers. New Zealand has completely decriminalized sex work, such that brothel workers have access to unemployment insurance and join unions, just like any other job — and 64% of workers found it easier to refuse clients, while 57% said the relationship with police officers had improved. These are positive outcomes! The last thing feminists should want is vulnerable people being made more vulnerable.

Finally we must support, A RIGHT TO CHOICE, FOR EVERYTHING

This may bring to mind a right to choose in terms of reproductive health  and women having full autonomy over their own bodies but we mean a right to all choices a person can make for themselves.

Women should be free to wear what they choose, have the lifestyle they choose, careers they choose and act as they please. Feminists should support people who want to engage in traditional gender role dynamics just as much as people who want to smash the patriarchy and wear the pants.  Let's no longer judge each other or feel threatened by those who are different from us.True change can only happen when we support one another and stand up to each others oppressors together.

Just this past weekend there was a horrific act of domestic terrorism against a synagogue in Pittsburgh.  In response several Muslim groups have raised thousands of dollars to help support the survivors.  The statement they released simply said, "We need to respond to evil with good."

Use your voice and your vote next week to show your unity and stand up for all of those groups who are simply just looking for equality and to live their lives free of fear and free of judgement.


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  • The owner of this company Gina Keller is attempting to destroy another womans business over political beliefs. She posted many lies on the other woman’s business page and threatened her and called her horrible names. This is not what you do to a fellow strong woman trying to get by in this world. I would not support her hate. Plus this company does not allow returns which often means bad products.

  • So much hate and anger on this page run by feminazis spreading fear and anger.

  • Those of us who are fat and are subjected to job, medical and social discrimination could use your support as well. Other than that, this is a good list.


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