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All change begins locally.  Women's healthcare and abortion laws vary state to state.  Concerned your rights are up for grabs? Your state legislator is where the rules are made.  Did you realize states determine there own equality laws.  Handicapped people or the LGBTQ community may have more rights in one state than in others. Want to legalize pot? Vote in your state election. Gun violence or police brutality reform interest you? Go vote. 

36 Senate seats are up for election this year.  Enough to flip control away from Trump's party. Governor spots, mayorships, and state attorney general positions are also up for grabs.  Did you know governors plan to sue the trump administration for the cuts made to women's health care centers and for his tax laws?  And attorneys general can change laws that mandate environmental protections in your state?

It’s been over a year since our presidential election has divided our country, and we have the opportunity to vote locally to push back against policies of the politicians that don’t properly represent our values.

Here are five reasons why voting local is crucial to having your voice heard, and how you can make that happen this November.


1. All resistance starts local.

In our current divisive political climate people require strong representation at the local level. Your municipal government is where progress happens — or doesn’t. Have you ever wondered why gay marriage was previously legal in some states but illegal in others? That’s because it related to civil rights, so state law undermined federal law. Since several state legislative seats are up for grabs, voters have a chance to weigh in on their rights.  If you don't agree with the healthcare bills, defunding planned parenthood or do want Trump to build a wall go cast your vote.

2. Criminal justice reform is local.

In the past years we have been outraged by the amount of profiling and and injustice POC have gotten from our community police.  Young men have been killed for no reason.  Your mayor is ultimately responsible for criminal justice and policing reform in the city you live in.   The mayor appoints the police chief and the police chief oversees the training, hiring, and investigating of the police department. If police brutality in your area worries you, take a closer look at your mayoral candidates and their colleagues to ensure that your next police chief is someone you can trust to protect and serve your community.  Attend a town hall meeting or other events and ask some serious questions and state your concerns. You can easily check their websites or Facebook pages to find out where the next event is held at.

3. Your rights are up for grabs.

As a women we have many laws in place to be sure we can have access to safe healthcare for our reproductive rights including birth control, safe and legal abortions, cancer screenings and wellness care.  Health care is key to women’s well-being and economic stability. We’ve got to make sure the new health care law keeps working for women and that politicians cease their relentless attacks on reproductive care. Did you know it is legal for healthcare providers to lie to women about their options when facing an unwanted pregnancy?  Did you know our president wants to repeal the affordable care act which makes prenatal care free to women?  Trump won’t have mothers’ backs. He told a breastfeeding mother, "You're disgusting!" and forced a mother with a crying baby to leave a rally. In a time when we have a president who has bragged about sexually assaulting women, leaving our healthcare up to politicians who support him is simply not acceptable.


4. Your turn to make your vote count.

Don't think your vote won't matter. Unfit candidates have set back entire cities because they won by 10 votes.   Your voice is needed and valued most during local elections. We have to rebuild our nations political system from the ground up. The silver lining of Trump’s victory last year is that young people and women are running historic campaigns and more people than ever are energized to engage in politics.


5. Because you can.

It is a luxury to have the right to vote. You can peacefully break up with the most powerful person in your city and choose someone else to make a change. Take advantage of your freedom, and participate for your own advantage. Elections are not about the candidates, they are about us. Build back your political power and get out to vote. If you don’t know when or where to vote, start with


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