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Just who are we wearing all this makeup for anyway? 
I think we know it's not for men.

I recently read an article that says the average woman spends 11 minutes a day putting on makeup.  Hmm..  That's 11 minutes a day of self care.  Not a bad way to start the day. But just why are we doing this anyway?  
My husband always tells me he likes me without lipstick best.  I think this is because he is afraid to kiss me when I am wearing my bright red lips for fear of it getting on him.  So I'm pretty sure I am not wearing lipstick to appeal to my husband. Oddly enough, it's the one piece of makeup I am always sure to never leave the house without.  What's up with that?  I have heard that more than 80% of American women wear lipstick.  Retailers consider it to be the one luxury item that basically sells itself.  Women just want it.  Economics are not a factor in determining whether or not it will do well.  It just always does.  It was noted by the Chairman of the Estee Lauder that lipstick sales even rise during tough economic times, a phenomenon known as “the lipstick effect.” A 2012 study reported in Scientific American concluded that the lipstick effect is real.
It's pretty clear there are three main reasons we wear makeup, so scientists you can move on.
1.  Confidence.  When we put it on we are reminding ourselves that we think we are pretty hot.  (hence all these selfies.)  We feel more presentable, assertive and pretty.

2. It is a form of self expression.  An outlet for us. You can say that one is bringing their internal beauty outward.  Or that we are showing how we feel on the inside and painting that face on the outside.

3.  We find makeup fun.  It just is. Every aspect of it.  Picking out a new color lipstick, Fun!  Trying a new technique, Fun!  Comparing products with the bestie, Fun!  For most women we talked to, talking about makeup and comparing notes is one of the ways we bond with other women.  When a woman compliments you on your makeup you feel good.  We recognize the process you went through in picking out that makeup, and applying it. We get it.

So go ahead and wear that warpaint. Madonna said it best, Express Yourself. Maybe one day men will stop giving us their unsolicited opinions about it and the scientists will stop trying to study it.  I would like them to focus their efforts on making that gadget Jane Jetson had to do her hair instead. Now that would be useful.

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