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Running in greater numbers than ever before in nearly every state, women are running to change the status quo.  Call it, The Other Women's March on Washington, they have been energized by many things but most notably their frustration of our broken political system. Abortion rights are up for grabs.  Gun Control has not been addressed, even in the wake of continual mass shootings.  Women still do not have equal pay for equal work. Immigration, health care and climate change are all highly debated, and our president seems to be working to divide us. Whether it is their frustration, a knee jerk reaction to the Trump presidency, or the conversation around the Me Too and Time's Up movements, women believe the fastest way to fix a broken system is simple, just take it over.

This November there are an unprecedented number of women running for office.  Many of whom have the potential to achieve historic firsts if elected. We have the opportunity for the first Africa American woman to serve as governor, the first Native American woman in Congress, first Muslim woman in congress, the first openly gay Latina governor, first transgender governor and many others.

Research shows that women in politics raise issues others overlook, pass bills that others oppose, invest in projects others dismiss and seek to end abuses that others ignore.  America needs women because women legislators sponsor more bills, pass more laws and send their districts more money.  I guess it's like they say, Nasty Women get shit done, so let's vote them in.

Find a candidate near you, learn about her, support her, tell your friends. If we can all get one other person who didn't vote in the last election to vote, together we can change the course of history.

 How do we support these candidates?  Click here to find out what we are doing to support progressive women running for office and how you can help.



Debra Call, AZ‐Lt. Gov

Alyse Galvin, U.S.‐House



Heather Milan, AL‐SOS

Miranda Joseph, AL‐Auditor

Cara McClure, AL‐PSC

Kari Powell, AL‐PSC

Tabitha Isner, U.S.‐House

Mallory Hagan, U.S.‐House

Terri Sewell, U.S.‐House



Susan Inman, AR‐SOS

Hayden Shamel, U.S.‐House



January Contreras, AZ‐AG

Katie Hobbs, AZ‐SOS

Kate Gallego, Phoenix Mayor

Victoria Steele, AZ‐SD9

Rebecca Rios, AZ‐SD27

Christine Marsh, AZ‐SD28

Rosanna Gabaldón, AZ‐HD2

Felicia French, AZ‐HD6

Pamela Powers Hannley, AZ‐HD9

Kirsten Engel, AZ‐HD10

Mitzi Epstein, AZ‐HD18

Hazel Chandler, AZ‐HD20

Talonya Adams, AZ‐HD27

Kelli Butler, AZ‐HD28

Raquel Terán, AZ‐HD30

Joan Greene, U.S.‐House

Ann Kirkpatrick, U.S.‐House

Hiral Tipirneni, U.S.‐House

Kyrsten Sinema, U.S.‐Senate



Eleni Kounalakis, CA‐Lt. Gov

Fiona Ma, State Treasurer

Betty Yee, State Controller

Anna Caballero, CA‐SD12

Connie Leyva, CA‐SD20

Maria Elena Durazo, CA‐SD24

Rebecca Bauer‐Kahan, CA‐AD16

Christy Smith, CA‐AD38

Luz Rivas, CA‐AD39

DeniAntionette Mazingo, CA‐AD42

Laura Friedman, CA‐AD43

Jacqui Irwin, CA‐AD44

Eloise Reyes, CA‐AD47

Wendy Carrillo, CA‐AD51

Sydney Kamlager, CA‐AD54

Sabrina Cervantes, CA‐AD60

Sharon Quirk‐Silva, CA‐AD65

Tasha Boerner Horvath, CA‐AD76

Cottie Petrie‐Norris, CA‐AD74

Sunday Gover, CA‐AD77

Diana Becton, Contra Costa

County District Attorney

Malia Cohen, CA‐BOE District 2

Nanette Baragan, U.S.‐House

Karen Bass, U.S.‐House

Julia Brownley, U.S.‐Hous

Judy Chu, U.S.‐House

Susan Davis, U.S.‐House

Audrey Denney, U.S.‐House

Anna Eshoo, U.S.‐House

Katie Hill, U.S.‐House

Barabara Lee, U.S.‐House

Zoe Lofgren, U.S.‐House

Doris Matsui, U.S.‐House

Tatiana Matta, U.S.‐House

Jessica Morse, U.S.‐House

Grace Napolitano, U.S.‐House

Julia Peacock, U.S.‐House

Nancy Pelosi, U.S.‐House

Katie Porter, U.S.‐House

Lucille Roybal‐Allard, U.S.‐House

Linda Sanchez, U.S.‐House

Jackie Speier, U.S.‐House

Norma Torres, U.S.‐House

Maxine Waters, U.S.‐House

Dianne Feinstein, U.S.‐Senate



Dianne Primavera, CO‐Lt. Gov

Jena Griswold, CO‐SOS

Kerry Donovan, CO‐SD5

Rebecca Cranston, CO‐SD15

Tammy Story, CO‐SD16

Jessie Danielson, CO‐SD20

Brittany Pettersen, CO‐SD22

Faith Winter, CO‐SD24

Julie Gonzales, CO‐SD34

Monica Duran, CO‐HD24

Lisa Cutter, CO‐HD25

Kerry Tipper, CO‐HD28

Tracy Kraft‐Tharp, CO‐HD29

Dafna Michaelson Jenet, CO‐HD30

Yadira Caraveo, CO‐HD31

Janet Buckner, CO‐HD40

Daneya Esgar, CO‐HD46

Rochelle Galindo, CO‐HD50

Barbara McLachlan, CO‐HD59

Diane Mitsch Bush, U.S.‐House

Diana DeGatte, U.S.‐House

Karen McComick, U.S.‐House

Stephany Spaulding, U.S.‐House



Susan Bysiewicz, CT‐Lt. Gov

Denise Merrill, CT‐SOS

Julie Kushner, CT‐SD24

Rosa DeLauro, U.S.‐House

Jahana Hayes, U.S.‐House



Kathy Jennings, DE‐AG

Lakresha Roberts, DE‐AG

Colleen Davis, DE‐Treasurer

Stephanie Hansen, DE‐SD10

Sherry Dorsey Walker, DE‐HD03

Kerri Harris, U.S.‐Senate

Lisa Blunt Rochester‐ U.S.‐House



Kayser Enneking, FL‐SD08

Amanda Murphy, FL‐SD16

Janet Cruz, FL‐SD18

Lori Berman, FL‐SD31

Annette Taddeo, FL‐SD40

Tracye Polson, FL‐HD15

Joy Goff‐Marcil, FL‐HD30

Anna Eskamani, FL‐HD47

Fentrice Driskell, FL‐HD63

Jennifer Webb, FL‐HD69

Margaret Good, FL‐HD72

Emma Collum, FL‐HD93

Deede Weithorn, FL‐HD113

Daniella Levine Cava, Miami‐Dade County Commission, District 8

Lauren Baer, U.S.‐House

Mary Barzee Flores, U.S.‐House

Kristen Carlson, U.S.‐House

Kathy Castor, U.S.‐House

Dana Cottrell, U.S.‐House

Val Demings, U.S.‐House

Lois Frankel, U.S.‐House

April Freeman, U.S.‐House

Yvonne Hayes Hinson, U.S.‐House

Debbie Mucarsel‐Powell, U.S.‐House

Stephanie Murphy, U.S.‐House

Maria Salazar, U.S.‐House

Donna Shalala, U.S.‐House

Nancy Soderberg, U.S.‐House

Debbie Wasserman‐Schultz, U.S.‐House

Frederica Wilson, U.S.‐House

Jennifer Zimmerman, U.S.‐House



Stacey Abrams, GA‐Governor

Sarah Riggs Amico, GA‐Lt. Gov

Lindy Miller, GA‐PSC

Dawn Randolph, GA‐PSC

Jen Jordan, GA‐SD06

Nikema Williams, GA‐SD39

Angelika Kausche, GA‐HD50

Betsy Holland, GA‐HD54

Park Cannon, GA‐HD58

Bee Nguyen, GA‐HD89

Aisha Yaqoob, GA‐HD97

Deborah Gonzalez, GA‐HD117

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta Mayor

Carolyn Bourdeaux, U.S.‐House

Tabitha Johnson‐Green, U.S.‐House

Lisa Ring, U.S.‐House

Lucy McBath, U.S.‐House



Tulsie Gabbard, U.S.‐House

Mazie Hirono, U.S.‐Senate



Juliana Stratton, IL‐Lt. Gov

Susana Mendoza, IL‐Comptroller

Iris Martinez, IL‐SD20

Ann Gillespie, IL‐SD27

Kelly Cassidy, IL‐HD14

Cheri Bustos, U.S.‐House

Sara Dady, U.S.‐House

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan, U.S.‐House

Robin Kelly, U.S.‐House

Jen Schakowsky, U.S.‐House

Lauren Underwood, U.S.‐Hous



Paulette Jordan‐ID‐Governor

Kristin Collum, ID‐Lt. Gov

Jill Humble‐ID‐SOS

Christina McNeil, U.S.‐House



Tobi Beck, U.S.‐House

Jeannine Lee Lake, U.S.‐House

Jackie Swihart Walorski, U.S.‐House

Dee Thornton, U.S.‐House

Courtney Tritch, U.S.‐House

Liz Watson, U.S.‐House



Rita Hart, IA‐Lt. Gov

Deidre DeJear, IA‐SOS

Jackie Smith, IA‐SD7

Vicky Brenner, IA‐SD13

Amber Gustafson, IA‐SD19

Claire Celsi, IA‐SD21

Mary Stewart, IA‐SD41

Patti Robinson, IA‐SD49

Megan Srinivas, IA‐HD9

Ann Fields, IA‐HD28

Heather Matson, IA‐HD38

Karin Derry, IA‐HD39

Kristin Sunde, IA‐HD42

Jennifer Konfrst, IA‐HD43

Lori Egan, IA‐HD56

Molly Donahue, IA‐HD68

Tracy Ehlert, IA‐HD70

Laura Liegois, IA‐HD91

Joan Marttila, IA‐HD94

Lindsay James, IA‐HD99

Cindy Axne, U.S.‐House

Abby Finkenauer, U.S.‐House



Laura Kelly, KS‐Governor

Sarah Swain, KS‐AG

Marci Francisco‐KS‐Treasurer

Sharice Davids, U.S.‐House



Jacqueline Coleman, KY‐Lt. Gov

Amy McGrath, KY‐ U.S.‐House



Gwen Collins‐Greenup, LA‐SOS

Renee Fontenot Free, LA‐SOS

Lee Ann Dugas, U.S.‐House

Mimi Methvin, U.S.‐House

Andie Saizan, U.S.‐House

Tammy Savoie, U.S.‐House



Janet Mills, ME‐Governor

Bev Uhlenhake, ME‐SD08

Erin Herbig, ME‐SD11

Laura Fortman, ME‐SD13

Shenna Bellows, ME‐SD14

Kellie Julia, ME‐SD15

Karen Kusiak, ME‐SD16

Jan Collins, ME‐SD17

Eloise Vitelli, ME‐SD23

Heather Sanborn, ME‐SD28

Linda Sanborn, ME‐SD30

Diane Denk, ME‐HD09

Eryn Gilchrist, ME‐HD57

Jessica Fay, ME‐HD66

Doretta Colburn, ME‐HD71

Charlotte Warren, ME‐HD84

Vicki Doudera, ME‐HD93

Maeghan Maloney, District Attorney, District 4

Natasha Irving, District Attorney, District 6

Chellie Pingree, U.S.‐House



Susie Turnbull, Lt. Gov

Delores Kelley, MD‐SD10

Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore City State's Attorney



Maura Healey, MA‐AG

Cindy Friedman, MA‐SD Fourth Middlesex District

Yvonne Spicer, Framingham Mayor

Lydia Edwards, Boston City Council

Kim Janey, Boston City Council

Tahira Amatul‐Wadud, U.S.‐House

Alexandra Chandler, U.S.‐House

Katherine Clark, U.S.‐House

Barabara L’Italien, U.S.‐House

Bopha Malone, U.S.‐House

Juana Matias, U.S.‐House

Ayanna Pressley, U.S.‐House

Lori Trahan, U.S.‐House

Brianna Wu, U.S.‐House

Elizabeth Warren, U.S.‐Senate



Gretchen Whitmer, MI‐Governor

Jocelyn Benson, MI‐SOS

Stephanie Chang, MI‐SD01

Sylvia Santana, MI‐SD03

Erika Geiss, MI‐SD06

Dayna Polehanki, MI‐SD07

Rosemary Bayer, MI‐SD12

Mallory McMorrow, MI‐SD13

Kelly Rossman‐McKinney, MI‐SD24

Winnie Brinks, MI‐SD29

Poppy Sias‐Hernandez, MI‐SD34

Tenisha Yancey, MI‐HD01

Sherry Gay‐Dagnogo, MI‐HD08

Brenda Carter, MI‐HD29

Mari Manoogian, MI‐HD40

Padma Kuppa, MI‐HD41

Sheryl Kennedy, MI‐HD48

Alberta Griffin, MI‐HD61

Sheila Troxel, MI‐HD64

Kara Hope, MI‐HD67

Sarah Anthony, MI‐HD68

Angela Witwer, MI‐HD71

Rachel Hood, MI‐HD76

Tanya Cabala, MI‐HD91

Kathy Wiejaczka, MI‐HD101

Sara Cambensy, MI‐HD109

Raquel Castañeda Lopez, Detroit City Council

Cathy Albro, U.S.‐House

Kimberly Bizon, U.S.‐House

Debbie Dingell, U.S.‐House

Gretchen Driskell, U.S.‐House

Lena Epstein, U.S.‐House

Brenda Jones, U.S.‐House

Brenda Lawrence, U.S.‐House

Elissa Slotkin, U.S.‐House

Haley Stevens, U.S.‐House

Rashida Tlaib, U.S.‐House

Debbie Stabenow, U.S.‐Senate



Peggy Flanagan, MN‐Lt. Gov

Julie Blaha, MN‐ State Auditor

Karla Bigham, MN‐SD54

Lori Ann Clark, MN‐HD21A

Yvette Marthaler, MN‐HD24B

Kelly Morrison, MN‐HD33B

Erin Koegel, MN‐HD37A

Ami Wazlawik, MN‐HD38B

Shelly Christensen, MN‐HD39B

Kelly Moller, MN‐HD42A

Ginny Klevorn, MN‐HD44A

Patty Acomb, MN‐HD44B

Laurie Pryor, MN‐HD48A

Carlie Kotyza‐Witthuhn, MN‐HD48B

Heather Edelson, MN‐HD49A

Ruth Richardson, MN‐HD52B

Anne Claflin, MN‐HD54A

Tina Folch, MN‐HD54B

Alice Mann, MN‐HD56B

Hodan Hassan, MN‐HD62A

Angie Craig, U.S.‐House

Betty McCollum, U.S.‐House

Ilhan Omar, U.S.‐House

Amy Klobuchar, U.S.‐Senate

Tina Smith, U.S.‐Senate



Nicole Galloway, MO‐State Auditor

Lauren Arthur, MO‐SD17

Kathryn Ellis, U.S.‐House

Katy Geppert, U.S.‐House

Suzanne Rennee Hoagenson, U.S.‐House

Claire McCaskill, U.S.‐Senate



Kathleen Williams, U.S.‐House



Jane Skinner, NE‐Auditor

Kara Eastman, U.S.‐House

Jessica McClure, U.S.‐House

Jane Raybould, U.S.‐Senate



Kate Marshall, NV‐Lt. Gov

Catherine Byrne, NV‐Comptroller

Marilyn Dondero Loop, NV‐SD8

Melanie Scheible, NV‐SD9

Yvanna Cancela, NV‐SD10

Julie Pazina, NV‐SD20

Jennie Sherwood, NV‐AD2

Selena Torres, NV‐AD3

Connie Munk, NV‐AD4

Brittney Miller, NV‐AD5

Susan Martinez, NV‐AD12

Kristee Watson, NV‐AD22

Lesley Cohen, NV‐AD29

Michelle Gorelow, NV‐AD35

Lesia Romanov, NV‐AD36

Shea Backus, NV‐AD37

Sandra Jauregui, NV‐AD41

Susie Lee, U.S.‐House

Dina Titus, U.S.‐House

Jacky Rosen, U.S.‐Senate



Molly Kelly, NH‐Governor

Debora Pignatelli, Executive Council, District 5

Anne Grassie, NH‐SD06

Jenn Alford‐Teaster, NH‐SD08

Shannon Chandley, NH‐SD11

Melanie Levesque, NH‐SD12

Cindy Rosenwald, NH‐SD13

Donna Soucy, NH‐SD18

Anita Burroughs, NH‐Carroll 1

Jackie Chretien, NH‐Hillsborough 42

Bianca Acebron Peco, NH‐Merrimack 25

Gerri Cannon, NH‐Strafford 18

Joyce Craig, Manchester Mayor

Naomi Andrews, U.S.‐House

Annie Kuster, U.S.‐House

Mindi Messmer, U.S.‐House

Maura Sullivan, U.S.‐House



Sheila Oliver, NJ‐Lt. Gov

Carol Murphy, NJ‐HD07

Mikie Sherrill, U.S.‐House

Bonnie Watson Coleman, U.S.‐House



Michelle Lujan Grisham, NM‐Governor

Michelle Garcia Ho

lmes, NM‐Lt. Gov

Maggie Toulouse Oliver, NM‐SOS

Stephanie Garcia Richard, NM‐ Land Commissioner

Patricia Roybal Caballero, NM‐HD13

Day Hochman‐Vigil, NM‐HD15

Liz Thomson, NM‐HD24

Melanie Stansbury, NM‐HD28

Joy Garratt, NM‐HD29

Natalie Figueroa, NM‐HD30

Joanne Ferrary, NM‐HD37

Christine Chandler, NM‐HD43

Andrea Romero, NM‐HD46

Doreen Gallegos, NM‐HD52

Deb Haaland, U.S.‐House

Xochitl Torres Small, U.S.‐House



Kathy Hochul, NY‐Lt. Gov

Leecia Eve, NY‐AG

Tish James, NY‐AG

Zephyr Teachout, NY‐AG

Andrea Stewart‐Cousins, NY‐SD35

Shelley Mayer, NY‐SD37

Christine Pellegrino, NY‐HD09

Lovely Warren, Rochester Mayor

Laura Curran, Nassau County Executive

Dana Balter, U.S.‐House

Yvette Clarke, U.S.‐House

Tedra Cobb, U.S.‐House

Nita Lowey, U.S.‐House

Liuba Grechen Shirley, U.S.‐House

Carolyn Maloney, U.S.‐House

Grace Meng, U.S.‐House

Tracy Mitrano, U.S.‐House

Alexandria Ocasio‐Cortez, U.S.‐House

Kathleen Rice, U.S.‐House

Nydia Velasquez, U.S.‐House

Kirsten Gilibrand, U.S.‐Senate



Helen Probst Mills, NC‐SD25

Jen Mangrum, NC‐SD30

Natasha Marcus, NC‐SD41

Bobbie Richardson, NC‐HD07

Allison Dahle, NC‐HD11

Marcia Morgan, NC‐HD19

Leslie Cohen, NC‐HD20

Jean Farmer‐Butterfield, NC‐HD24

Julie von Haefen, NC‐HD36

Sydney Batch, NC‐HD3

Cynthia Ball, NC‐HD49

Lisa Mathis, NC‐HD51

Ashton Clemmons, NC‐HD57

Martha Shafer, NC‐HD62

Erica McAdoo, NC‐HD63

Terri LeGrand, NC‐HD74

Aimy Steele, NC‐HD82

Christy Clark, NC‐HD98

Carolyn Logan, NC‐HD101

Rachel Hunt, NC‐HD103

Rhonda Cole Schandevel, NC‐HD118

Satana Deberry, Durham County District Attorney

Vi Lyles, Charlotte Mayor

Alma Adams, U.S.‐House

Linda Coleman, U.S.‐House

Denise Darcel Adams, U.S.‐House

Kyle Horton, U.S.‐House

Kathy Manning, U.S.‐House



Heidi Heitkamp, U.S.‐Senate



Betty Sutton, OH‐Lt. Gov

Kathleen Clyde, OH‐SOS

Teresa Fedor, OH‐SD11

Sharon Sweda, OH‐SD13

Louise Valentine, OH‐SD19

Sandra Williams, OH‐SD21

Nickie Antonio, OH‐SD23

Lauren Friedman, OH‐SD29

Bride Sweeney, OH‐HD14

Mary Lightbody, OH‐HD19

Beth Liston, OH‐HD21

Allison Russo, OH‐HD24

Erica Crawley, OH‐HD26

Christine Fisher, OH‐HD27

Jessica Miranda, OH‐HD28

Paula Hicks‐Hudson, OH‐HD44

Lisa Sobecki, OH‐HD45

Lorraine Wilburn, OH‐HD48

Randi Clites, OH‐HD75

Rachel Crooks, OH‐HD88

Joyce Beatty, U.S.‐House

Vanessa Enoch, U.S.‐House

Marcia Fudge, U.S.‐House

Janet Garrett, U.S.‐House

Theresa Gasper, U.S.‐House

Marcy Kaptur, U.S.‐House

Susan Morgan Palmer, U.S.‐House

Betsy Rader, U.S.‐House

Shawna Roberts, U.S.‐House



Anastasia Pittman, OK‐Lt. Gov

Ajay Pittman, OK‐HD99

Mary Brannon, U.S.‐House

Kendra Horn, U.S.‐House



Kate Brown, OR‐Governor

Val Hoyle, OR‐Labor Commissioner

Michelle Blum Atkinson, OR‐HD6

Caddy McKeown, OR‐HD9

Tiffiny Mitchell, OR‐HD32

Suzanne Bonamici, U.S.‐House

Jamie McCleod‐Skinner, U.S.‐House



Tina Davis, PA‐SD6

Maria Collett, PA‐SD12

Linda Fields, PA‐SD24

Lindsey Williams, PA‐SD38

Katie Muth, PA‐SD44

Sue Mulvey, PA‐SD50

Amy Fazio, PA‐HD14

Pam Hacker, PA‐HD26

Emily Skopov, PA‐HD28

Betsy Monroe, PA‐HD30

Michele Knoll, PA‐HD44

Liz Hanbidge, PA‐HD61

Amy Cozze, PA‐HD137

Wendy Ullman, PA‐HD143

Meredith Buck, PA‐HD144

Sara Johnson Rothman, PA‐HD151

Danielle Friel Otten, PA‐HD155

Carolyn Comitta, PA‐HD156

Melissa Shusterman, PA‐HD157

Christina Sappey, PA‐HD158

Leanne Krueger‐Braneky, PA‐HD161

Jennifer O'Mara, PA‐HD165

Kristin Seale, PA‐HD168

Erin Condo McCracken, PA‐HD171

Claudette Williams, PA‐HD176

Helen Tai, PA‐HD178

Elizabeth Fiedler, PA‐HD184

Rebecca Rhynhart, Philadelphia Controller

Bibiana Boerio, U.S.‐House

Susan Boser, U.S.‐House

Madeleine Dean, U.S.‐House

Chrissy Houlahan, U.S.‐House

Jessica King, U.S.‐House

Mary Gay Scanlon, U.S.‐House

Susan Wild, U.S.‐House



Gina Raimondo, RI‐Governor

Nellie Gorbea, RI‐SOS

Patricia Fontes, U.S.‐Senate



Constance Anastopoulo, SC‐Attorney General

Rosalyn Glen, SC‐Treasurer

Carrie Counton, SC‐SH19

Mary Smith Geren, U.S.‐House



Michelle Lavallee, SD‐Lt. Gov

Alexandra Frederick, SD‐SOS



Dawn Barlow, U.S.‐House

Renee Hoyos, U.S.‐House

Danielle Mitchell, U.S.‐House

Erika Stotts Pearson, U.S.‐House

Mariah Phillips, U.S.‐House



Lupe Valdez, TX‐Governor

Carol Alvarado, TX‐SD06

Beverly Powell, TX‐SD10

Terry Meza, TX‐HD105

Victoria Neave, TX‐HD107

Julie Johnson, TX‐HD115

Lina Hidalgo, TX‐Harris County‐Judge

Vanessa Adia, U.S.‐House

Adrienne Bell, U.S.‐House

Lorie Burch, U.S.‐House

Veronica Escobar, U.S.‐House

Linsey Fagan, U.S.‐House

Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, U.S.‐House

Sylvia Garcia, U.S.‐House

MJ Hegar, U.S.‐House

Eddie Johnson, U.S.‐House

Gina Ortiz Jones, U.S.‐House

Catherine Krantz, U.S.‐House

Sheila Jackson Lee, U.S.‐House

Jennie Lou Leeder, U.S.‐House

Jan McDowell, U.S.‐House

Shirley McKellar, U.S.‐House

Julie Oliver, U.S.‐House

Jana Sanchez, U.S.‐House

Dayna Steele, U.S.‐House



Shireen Ghorbani, U.S.‐House

Jenny Wilson, U.S.‐Senate



Christine Hallquist, VT‐Governor

Beth Pearce, VT‐Treasurer



Jennifer McClellan, VA‐SD09

Jennifer Carroll Foy, VA‐HD02

Wendy Gooditis, VA‐HD10

Danica Roem, VA‐HD13

Kelly Fowler, VA‐HD21

Elizabeth Guzman, VA‐HD31

Kathleen Murphy, VA‐HD34

Kathy Tran, VA‐HD42

Hala Ayala, VA‐HD51

Karrie Delaney, VA‐HD67

Dawn Marie Adams, VA‐HD68

Delores McQuinn, VA‐HD70

Debra Rodman, VA‐HD73

Cheryl Turpin, VA‐HD85

Leslie Cockburn, U.S.‐House

Jennifer Lewis, U.S.‐House

Elaine Luria, U.S.‐House

Abigail Spanberger, U.S.‐House

Jennifer Wexton, U.S.‐House

Vangie Williams, U.S.‐House



Emily Randall, WA‐SD26

Claire Wilson, WA‐SD30

Rebecca Saldaña, WA‐SD37

Manka Dhingra, WA‐SD45

Patty Kuderer, WA‐SD48

Christine Kilduff, WA‐HD28

Kristine Reeves, WA‐HD30

Lauren Davis, WA‐HD32

Debra Lekanoff, WA‐HD40

Vandana Slatter, WA‐HD48

Lorena González, Seattle City Council

Teresa Mosqueda, Seattle City Council

Jaime Herrera Beutler, U.S.‐House

Christine Brown, U.S.‐House

Lisa Brown, U.S.‐House

Suzane DelBene, U.S.‐House

Pramila Jayapal, U.S.‐House

Carolyn Long, U.S.‐House

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, U.S.‐House

Kim Schrier, U.S.‐House

Sarah Smith, U.S.‐House

Maria Cantwell, U.S.‐Senate



Muriel Bowser, Mayor

Brianne Nadeau, City Council, Ward 1



Kendra Jean Huard Fershee, U.S.‐House

Talley Sergent, U.S.‐House



Sarah Godlewski, WI‐Treasurer

Julie Henszey, WI‐SD05

Patty Schachtner, WI‐SD10

Lee Snodgrass, WI‐SD19

Janet Bewley, WI‐SD25

Marisabel Cabrera, WI‐AD09

Robyn Vining, WI‐AD14

Liz Sumner, WI‐AD23

Brittany Keyes, WI‐AD31

Ann Groves Lloyd, WI‐AD42

Greta Neubauer, WI‐AD66

Wendy Sue Johnson, WI‐AD68

Beth Meyers, WI‐AD74

Alyson Leahy, WI‐AD85

Jodi Emerson, WI‐AD91

Margaret Engebretson, U.S.‐House

Gwen Moore, U.S.‐House

Tammy Baldwin, U.S.‐Senate



Mary Throne, WY‐Governor

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