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As we know, everything is political when you are a women so I've compiled a list of some of my favorite blogs to help us stay on top of current events and political news.  Ranging from good ol' fashioned political satire to full on activist and everything in between, these blogs are sure to satisfy your need for a good read.




Wonkette posts liberal tongue and cheek articles that make you chuckle as you read.  If you like satire and political gossip this blog is for you.  They can get a little crass and a little vulgar but that makes it fun.

Ms. Magazine BlogMS. BLOG

In 1971 Ms. Magazine was co-founded and edited by Gloria Steinem. It was the first mass produced forum for feminist voices.  It's first issue of over 300,000 issues sold out.  The Ms. Magazine blog is using this legacy online.  It is all about reporting, rebelling and truth-telling.




Another blog that isn’t shy about its political leanings is Daily Kos. It’s listed among the top political blogs because it is one of the most visited sites in the U.S. Founded by verteran Markos Moulitsas, it was originally intended to be an outlet for him to express his liberal opinions. It has become so much more, a community and forum for activists and those seeking some sanity when we live in an age where our president tells more lies than anyone else.



Published by the foundation for national progress, Mother Jones got its name from Mary Harris Jones, known as Mother Jones, an Irish American trade union activist and opponent of child labor. Topics for the online publication include politics, the environment and human rights, all with a left lean. We love their snappy stories debunking Trumps "truths".


The Raw Story

Raw Story covers political and economic national news.  They have their own investigative pieces and even a whole section dedicated to the hypocrasy that is the Trump administration.  With whity headlines its no wonder they are frequently referenced on the Colbert Report and Real Time with Bill Maher. 




People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the world. Their blog is your source for up-to-the-minute information about campaigns; breaking news, victories, new initiatives to help animals, and animal rights information from across the globe.


Femen | International Women’s Movement


Femen is a special force of feminism. Focusing on global awareness of gender issues, Femen is a group with a special implementation of their activism. They frequently protest topless with painted with the slogans and crowned with flowers. Their blog tells their story and plenty of others dedicated to helping women's rights all over the world.


National Organization for Women | New York City


Now is an organization that defends reproductive rights, create economic equality, promote women’s political representation, and end discrimination and violence against women. Their blog, while based in NYC is for every woman everywhere.  Issues touched upon effect us all and their activism is truly a force to be reckoned with.  They have actually led the fight for landmark legislation in their state regarding anti trafficking laws and statutes of imitations on rape. These women make change happen.




I love this blog.  Snarky and witty, their tag line is, " We watch fox news so you don't have to."  Watch them seriously troll the alternative fact spewing trolls in the media who claim no bias but clearly have trouble using credible facts in their story telling. This is one of my favorites.


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