What Was The Top Travel Destination for 2020? Pandemic or not, this place saw people flocking.

What Was The Top Travel Destination for 2020? Pandemic or not, this place saw people flocking.


The No. 1 Place to Visit in 2020

The hottest destination for 2020 was not some exotic locale or quaint coastal town.  Covid-19 definitely changed our travel plans for 2020.  Most of us weren't even allow to legally leave our own country and certain states became hotbeds for the pandemic.  Many of them top US travel destinations like New York and Los Angels.  Florida remained open but no one in their right mind would travel there during the surges thanks to Gov. De Santis who put exactly zero restrictions in place.

But there was one place we all flocked to.  A place that made us feel empowered.  A place we have dreamed about going for the last few years.  Some of us had been there before.  For others it was their first time. It was the only place we could flex our power and satiate our wanderlust.  It was a pretty good IG selfie spot too.

This year, we all got the chance to visit our local polling place!

Weather conditions were not optimal for us all.  Rain, or shine we stood in those lines.  And in some states they were very long.

This community center/town hall/school/civic building had everything— lines reminiscent of those at trendy night clubs, traumatic 2016 flashbacks, warring factions standing on the sidewalk with signs, free snacks and water bottles (those won't be around much longer in GA), folks on IG Live, bad lighting for your illegal ballot selfie, and the weight of saving democracy resting on your shoulders. 

Sure to become a life time favorite destination, your local polling place will never go out of style, and good news, if you vote in your local elections, chances are you'll have an opportunity to go every year!  My township usually has a millage vote or so other post up for re-election in August so I'm sure I'll be back this summer!



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  • Sammy: May 12, 2021

    The voting booth is the only place you ever need to go! Love this post!

  • Rachel: October 20, 2020

    This post aged much more nicely than I suspected before clicking i to the headline. Ha!

  • Sarah : January 25, 2020

    Love Love Love!! I’m going to the polls twice this year! Once for the primary and I’ll be back in November!

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