Meet the Man Behind Instagram's Best Anti Trump Account

As soon as I discovered @wefuckinghatedonaldtrump on Instagram I was immediately smitten. What draws me back day after day is the outrage coupled with humor and a sense of moral duty to show the daily hypocrisies of the Trump administration. The name sums it up.  We do fucking hate Donald Trump.  And thoughtfully cursing him out daily is a lot of fun. Posts on climate change, feminism and gun control make this Nasty Woman crush even harder on this page.  I just had to learn more about the person who is behind this account. Considering WFHDT has grown so rapidly, has a huge dedicated following and a lot of acclaim it’s hard to believe the owner is so down to earth that he agreed to an interview with us!

How did you decide to start your page?
I was astounded that anyone as ludicrous as Trump could be in the running for President. It terrified me that someone whose greed, corporate agenda and blatant racism, sexism and stupidity could become our leader. I felt compelled to speak up and invigorate others who felt the same. I like to disrupt the norm and Instagram is a great platform to communicate ideas rapidly and responsively so I figured this would be a pretty good outlet for my horror and disruptive tendencies.

When you started your page was it more of just an outlet for you, or did you have a goal to become a huge social media influencer?
I had no idea it would morph into something so big. I only had 20k followers on Election Day. I had a whole other direction for the account when the election was held since I pretty much figured there was no way he would win. I still have a direction for the account when he’s relegated to history as the worst president ever but until then the fight continues.

How do you deal with the trolls?
Everyone is entitled to an opinion, this is part of what we are all resisting this regime for. Trolls are welcome to try and express themselves on my feed. Sadly, the majority of them think good debate happens through profanity and threats. Every once in a while, I like to have some fun with them, yet more through subtle rebuttal. But I don’t see my role as being there to change the minds of hard-core Republicans, but to give a voice for, and activate those who feel as outraged by this Administration as me.

You touch on so many topics on your page, is there one that you think doesn’t get enough spotlight?
Climate change. Hands down. This will be the biggest threat to the existence of future humanity and we are not nearly as aware of the consequences as we need to be. Millions of people will literally die because of this, and they will be the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us.

So our President chose a climate change denier for head of the EPA.  WTF right? It’s almost comical how he chooses people whose personal ideals go against what their very post is supposed to protect.  Please take this opportunity to rant...
You can revert, change, and hold back legislation on social issues, but there’s always the hope we can retrieve back these rights in the future when the administration changes. However, with just four years of inaction on climate change, the implications will be absolutely devastating. There will be no reversing climate change decisions (or lack of) in the future. The time for action is now.

What have you done with any monetary gains from your page?
There are no personal monetary gains from the page and we donate all profits to not-for- profit charities and organizations. In fact, as I’m sure most activists can attest to, I spend a great deal of my own money in aid of it! Recent donations include the George Lopez Foundation, Center for Biological Diversity, an art project with Micro Galleries in Jakarta, and most recently, we helped send dozens of school children in Ghana to see Black Panther! Helping others create action is one of the best outcomes from the page.

I have kids, so a lot of the activism I do is motivated because I want a better future for them. What motivates you?
Definitely my kids also. They are going to live through some unimaginable times due to the accelerating disastrous effects of climate change.

I’m sure you hear from people all over the world about your page, is there a common theme in the messages you receive?
Two themes. Either ‘I fucking love what you are doing and never stop’ or ‘you better respect my president you fucking cuck.’

How do you spend your free time?
I have no free time! Running this account and coming up with original material and writing takes hours a day! Add to this that I am also studying for my post-grad degree in Climate Science and then onto my PhD. AND I have two kids… AND I also have a job! (Although I only work about 10 days a month!)

What is the weirdest thing about you?
I don’t like sand. Perhaps @WeFuckingHateSand can be a future project.

What is your favorite movie?
Anything Sci-fi or horror. Just saw ‘A Quiet Place’ and it was insane!

Last book you read?
‘Make Trouble’ by Cecile Richards. Her story is amazing!

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Skiing all the time.

One of my favorite interview questions poised to President Obama was, “What keeps you up at night?”  His answer was Pakistan.  What is yours?
Climate change

What can always bring a smile to your face?
My kids and my insanely supportive wife @jo_lorenz!

If you had to have dinner with someone in the Trump admin, who would it be and what would you say to them?
I have absolutely no desire to be anywhere near any of them. They are despicable and ruining everyone’s future through their ill-placed greed and corruption.

If you could pass a note to Donald Trump what would it say?
Go fuck yourself!

Is there anything you want people you know about you that you do not covey online?
I fly Boeing 747s all around the world which will potentially upset the trolls here, who constantly tell me to get a job and move out of my parent’s basement.

Where can we find your page and that awesome WFHDT swag?
You can go to! All profits go to our charity of the month! Use code ‘WEAREUD10’ for a 10% discount!
Check out @undergrounddistrupters and @climatechangeisfuckingscary too!

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  • I came here to check out your makeup after seeing you mentioned in the PETA newsletter. I will never, ever buy anything from you now, though after reading this blog. I’m sorry you just alienated half of the country posting your extremist views, but that is what liberals do, because liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Lisa Philbrook

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