Our Intersectional Feminist Agenda

Our goal at Nasty Woman Cosmetics is to make an impact in this world beyond our lux beauty products and snarky apparel line.  We aim to make this world better for those who will come after us. We are doing that by giving back.  With each purchase you make we are able to give a contribution to an amazing organization that is doing the heavy lifting for us every single day. This is all made possible by support from YOU and we couldn't be more grateful to have you as our partner! Thank you for supporting our intersectional feminist agenda!


Here are some of the causes and organizations you have helped us give back to in 2020:

Australian Outback Fires Wildlife relief funds

Planned Parenthood


She Should Run

Bail Project

Blue Hats Colon Cancer Awareness Fund

Biden/Harris Campaign

New Georgia Project

Emily's List

Cory Bush Campaign

Mark Kelly Campaign

Jaime Harrison Campaign

Gary Peters Campaign

Warnock/Ossoff Campaigns

Australian Outback Fires Wildlife relief funds

Leaping Bunny Project (preventing testing on animals)

Gleaner's Food Bank

Sierra Club