The Fight For Women's Rights Is Long

But Fight We Will

When Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a nasty woman we were shocked. But not surprised. Strong women who stood up to the status quo have been called worse for years. Centuries even. Our fight for equal rights...

equal protections...

equal representation...

equal standing...

has been the story since the beginning. And it's a story that must be told.

And maybe Donald Trump did us a favor. His offhand comment sparked a movement. He gave voice to the diminishment all woman have experienced at one time or another. He shined an orange spotlight on an issue that always existed and galvanized a new generation of women ready to fight for our rightful  place in society.

The Facts

Women's rights are human rights. It's too easy to dismiss it all as just the birth control debate or just equal pay. Every important piece of legislation or protection that is dismissed or ignored by the current administration disproportionately affects woman:

  • 55% of immigrants are women
  • Women of color are 243% more likely to die from childbirth-related causes
  • Domestic violence victims are 5X more likely to die if there is a firearm in the home
  • Women hold nearly two-thirds of the outstanding student debt in the U.S
  • Health care cuts affect women by nearly 20% more than men
  • 80% of people displaced by climate change-attributable events are women

Trade policy, tax policy, LGBTQ discrimination, Social Security changes, Medicaid/Medicare cuts, and climate change denial all affect women more than men.

Everything is political when you are a woman.

Everything affects women, yet our representation in these matters remains unacceptably low. Of 535 members of Congress, only 107 are women. 20%. We need more female voices in the chambers of power that make decisions that impact each and every one of us.

Nasty Women Protest

We need more women who take action. Women who lead. Women who have had enough of how things have always been.

We need more nasty women.

Our Part 

Nasty Woman Cosmetics is not a cosmetics company that uses activism to sell lipstick...we sell lipstick to support our activism.

Our only goal is a complete overhaul of government in this country so finally...


women will be equal partners in determining the future. For all of us. A portion of all our sales goes to EMILY's List to support women who are leading the charge right now. Candidates like Kristen Carlson (U.S. House, FL), Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (U.S. House, IL), Veronica Escobar (U.S. House, TX) and hundreds of others.

We also directly support game-changers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (U.S. House, NY), Ilhan Omar (U.S. House, MN), and Christine Hallquist (Gov, VT) who are making progressives stand up and take notice.


Your Part

If we are going to win, we all need to work together. A sisterhood that is equal parts support and encouragement. 

"As a woman you have to be a sister to every single woman you meet."

We are all in this together. And it's together that we will win. So, get registered, talk to your friends and neighbors, get involved, share your opinions, and - most importantly - make sure you vote.

And, please, spread the word. More than campaign television or online ads, more than postcards and flyers, more than celebrity endorsements...the number one reason people get out and vote is because a friend or co-worker convinced them to do so.

Protests and marches and social campaigns are great to keep us active, but we need a personal touch. It's your job to reach out and get your like-minded friends to vote. In the next few elections, it is more important than ever that nobody sits out. The future depends on all of us.

Nasty Woman Cosmetics is committed to this. Maybe a few of the resources below can help.


Other Resources

Check out our other resources you can use to register and vote. Volunteer. Learn about the movement. Learn about candidates.

Maybe even run for office yourself.

Nasty Woman Cosmetics will have your back.

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